Well, kinda. A photo of mine has been used in a new book called Stencil Wars. All about Star Wars inspired street art. I snapped the below pic a couple of years back and was approached last year to include it in the book. I made the back cover which is cool and yet mine is the only back cover pic that didn't also appear inside the book. Not so cool. But my names on the inside cover describing the back cover which makes me a coverboy yes? Phwooaarrrr

imperial speeder

artist unknown

It's a pretty cool book too so if you're into this kinda stuff you can grab a copy here, or I may have bough 100 copies for myself and might be giving one or two away ... maybe


Anonymous said…
I did it. Lol!
Anonymous said…
....the design that is.
stu said…
Truly? Cos there's a lot of anonymous's ;)
topstuff! said…
Yeah....I did it. It's on Lord St East P__th...It's been up since September 2009/2010. I can't remember. It's ripped down now. but it's not so bad. You can still make the image out. There was also oe under the Maylands underpass. It was done the same day. I have pics of that too.

I noticed you might give a copy of the book away...True? I'm keen for a copy.
stu said…
ahhh fantastic.

some background: after I spotted it and photographed it I rang my friend who just happened to be a Vincent councillor back then and asked him to ensure the parks people left it there. He's a big supporter of street art too, so we managed to preserve it for a few years. Sadly but inevitably someone finally tore it down.

I think I should def send you a copy, email me your address and I'll get one to ya


Anonymous said…
Hi again.
I've sent an email. Not sure if you've seen it yet.
stu said…
yep, got it, cheers, will sort out soon. Been a bit crazy busy with work at the mo but I am onto it :)