It seems the City of London and many other English councils have put out a blanket ban on street art during the Olympics. This of course hasn't stopped it from happening, but a number of pieces have been painted over and there are threats to do the same to others. Sadly this is yet another instance of local governments with their heads up their proverbial arses. They don't grasp how vibrant street art can make a space when done correctly and trust me, I've lived there, most of London is far from vibrant at the best of times...

These two new pieces from Banksy are threatened with removal , "once they find them" haha

'Going for Mould'

'Hackney Welcomes the Olympics'

This piece by Mau Mau was erased in Ealing within 6 days of completion, even though he had permission to paint it on the warehouse wall (private property)

This piece by Criminal Chalkist went up about a year ago and I'm not sure of its' status but it is doing a nice run on T shirts etc

But not all of it is being removed, some have managed to survive the purge. Like this piece by Aussie artist Jimmy C (James Cochran) of Usain Bolt behind an East London car park.

same with this piece in East London by The Toasters, still up (note the vibrancy within the locals)

Fnally, my fav piece. Painted by Teddy Baden in Brick Lane ,it shows the paralympic mascot Mandeville getting humped by a dog.