Date: 28th January 2012
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. USA
Destination: The Cattlemen's Steakhouse, Stockyard City, Oklahoma
Celebration: The end of our road trip along of Route 66 (for now)

Yep, sadly we came to the end of our Route 66 journey, we'd made to close to half way, Oklahoma City, now it was time to fly to New York. Before we left we had a huge dinner planned at the Cattlemen's Steakhouse. a venue renowned for it's steaks. People come from all over the states and the world to eat there. Which in hindsight was probably why we should have made a booking and not just turn up expecting a table...

Cattlemen's Steakhouse

We arrived to a packed restaurant and were told there would be a 45 minute wait for a table and that we should go to the upstairs bar and wait. The upstairs bar had as many people waiting as they did dining downstairs. Chatting to a couple of cow pokes near us and they had been waiting an hour already. a young couple almost 40 minutes. These steaks must be damn fine...

Dining AreaWaiting

Fourty minutes later our buzzer went off and we had a table...

Double DeuceEngrossed

A decision was made and our food arrived, we may have ordered a bit too much ...

You firstT Bone

We gave it a red hot go though, a mighty fine steak dinner, highly recommended if that's your thing...

Cattlemen's SteakhouseGaz and Waz
Cattlemen's SteakhouseCattlemen's Steakhouse

Time to go, not THAT cold outside is it?



Stella said…
Did you end up going to Peter Lugers in NY Stu?
stu said…
nup, but to be honest eating a huge steak for dinner isn't really my thang. I'm a bird/fish kinda guy. The Cattlemens was Wazza's choice and I think we all pretty much steaked out on that night.