Knee surgery pretty much means loss of mobility and a sedentary lifestyle for a bit, luckily the recovery is going well and today was the day I was due to get my stitches out. So first up a swing through West Perth and my doctor then onto Kings Park to meet up with Lulu for lunch. Hadn't seen Lulu for months as she's always out on the ocean cooking for crews somewhere and is based in Sydney these days.


We figured we'd do the touristy thing and eat at the Kings Park cafe, grabbed a menu and saw this....

Note the wine section, no labels, no makers names, because they are all clean skins and they're all priced at $32.00.... for a clean skin? I shit you not. This is the premier tourist spot in Perth, the cafe at Kings Park overlooking the city, the Swan River, the hills, everything and they are only serving clean skins. This should be a place where we showcase some of Western Australia's finest drops, but no it's over priced shit wine in an unmarked bottle "But it's all from Margaret River" they said. Yeah cheers, I think we'll go elsewhere. *note I paid $50.00 a bottle elsewhere but the price wasn't the issue, get it together Perth. rant over!

So Cantina 663 in Mount Lawley instead, good food, good wine, good service and the most awesomest company....


More wine consumption afterwards followed by a relaxing period of soberness because we'd decided to kick on and grab some dinner at Billy Lee's. Some Crispy Skinned Duck with a Vinegar and Chilli sauce, so good...

Billy Lees
so good

Bye bye Lulu, stay safe, see you next time xox