That's The Red Castle for you uneducated types. Saw on the news last week or so that this iconic Motel/Dining mecca had caught fire. Long abandoned it would be a shame if that's how it met its end. Looks like only the top floor was burnt but I could be wrong. I remember this place from when I was a kidlet, the red brick castle tower poking over the trees...

So as I passed by this morning I decided to have a close up look, I kinda have a thing for old abandoned stuff, apart from the fire damage it looks like you could spend some cash and make it look great again. But as these things go that's probably not the whole story.

Panoramic shot
Red Castle MotelRed Castle Motel

Sweet ThingsRestaurant

I think the round window was the main restaurant or bar back in the day, Sweet Things above might have been a later addition. 
Loving the beer keg door handles.

Keg Handle

There's even the remains of the old waterfall that led into the moat, looks to oddly have a Japanese theme goin on in the right side pic

The MoatJapanese Garden

Red Castle MotelRed Castle Motel

bonus add ons additional info section below

This wine menu for the King Arthurs Table Restaurant at the Red Castle popped up on the The Worst of Perth a few years back, figured they will slot in here nicely, note the outrageous prices...

Fingers crossed there is a future for the Red Castle, but I doubt it, that's a lot of expensive land with city views right there.


Anonymous said…
love your blog stu, found it through worst of perth a few days ago. something just kept bringing me back to the old posts, probably the addictive mix of perth old/new, pilbara WA & observations of your life. I have now clicked right back to the 1st post! a pity a lot of the old pic links have broken, still enjoyed time traveling back & seeing the YeLPar evolution (in reverse) though.
chris from port denison.
stu said…
ahh thanks for the words, appreciated. Yeah sadly back in the day I used some free image host sites which didn't hold the pics forever, so a fair bit is lost. Not an issue anymore at least.

Looked back at the first post a while back myself, certainly an evolution hehe :)
Anonymous said…
I worked there from 1978 - 1983 under Chef PA Daxter. Many fond memories of some great parties and good friends. Worked in both the revolving restaurant and ran the bistro downstairs for a while. Will be sad to see it go.
stu said…
I don't like throwing the word "Iconic" around a lot but in this instance it fits perfectly. Will indeed be sad to see it go. 78 - 83 would have been getting near to the end of it's heyday? Or not?