I've been a massive fan of Keith Loutit's work for years now and he just keeps on delivering. He's really mastering his technique and his latest short film brings a whole new style to his form. Check this out in full screen for maximum effect...

The Lion City from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. |

A short film about Singapore.

Thanks to Michael Adler-Miltersen for composing the arrangement and sound design for this film (

Music by Sepia Productions (Michael Adler-Miltersen)
Sound design by Sepia Productions

Thanks to the following people who helped with this film:

Yan Szu Ong, Singapore National Parks Board;
April Tan, Juliana Tan, Irin Lin & Belle Tan - Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority;
Cheryl Ng, The Ritz Carlton Millennia Singapore;
Jing Han Foo, Singapore Housing & Development Board;
Fulvia Wong, Singapore Flyer;
Ong Jun Wei, National Day 2011;
Steven Tan, Shaw Organisation;
David Phan, P&G Photographic.

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Garry D said…
stu said…
exactly !!
tiff said…
Great tilt-shift video! Loved the National Day Parade footage.
stu said…
I really wanna go to Singas now :)
Garry D said…
We're going in January!!! YAY!!!!
tiff said…
You should! Even if it's just for the food ... :P
stu said…
I'll have to get you to make me up a list of spots to hit up (ps just got in from dinner at Nine - yummo)