Such amazeballs (trust me, that is now an official word, according to an online dictionary at least) weather this weekend. It's gonna hit 30 today woohooo! Pity I planned to spend most of it washing clothes and tidying up the house etc. But it's been pretty good so far...

see ya later Friday


Hello weekend cruisin the freeway in my golden Mustang, pretending to be Steve McQueen. I'm down with that.


how about some brunch at The Raffles with two of my fav ladies

The Raffles
Canning Bridge

I somehow forgot to take a picture of the food or the ladies (none they'd approve for publication at least, being a Saturday morning and all, HA!), I do have friends - honest, scoffed it all toot sweet, was very nice and I can recommend you hit this place up.


Raquel xo said…
I had lunch at The Raffles yesterday too - lovely meal & drinks - I remember the group at that table! Wonder if it was you - love your blog!
stu said…
Thanks :)

That group in the pic wasn't us, we were up the other end where the pics were taken from.