Great night last night, met up with a girl called Fiona who I have been conversing with via Facebook  twitter, instagram and god knows what other kind of social media outlet for almost 4 or 5 years now. Yet we'd never met, her living 4,000km's away is mostly the reason why. 

I have a bunch of peeps whom I've met on line through various channels, clicked with and remain internet buddies with after a pile of time. Fi was the first I had ever actually met and it was great fun. (Actually second, I just remembered Tiff one night at Nine). 

Anyhoo we cruised into Northbridge and grabbed some sushi at Aisuru Sushi and then onto The Mechanics Institute for a drink and more chat, a quick walk through the not so seedy underbelly of Northbridge via the "shitty Chinatown". Finished off with a touristy drive to the Kings park lookout so Fi could grab some snaps of the city at night. Awesome to finally meet one of my Melbourne budlets, maybe meet a few more soon, ya never know.



The Brass Monkey

Mechanics Institute

Creepy by the exit


Garry D said…
I like this post a lot. I love the idea that connections can just happen, and that friendships don't come always come in the same sized box.

Thanks for posting this.
Anonymous said…
and then ............ -Reb. ;o)
stu said…
Friendship Reb.... remember those ;)
Anonymous said…
ahhh yes , friendship , how nonchalant of you , u ol' dawg or she turned u down , lol -Reb.
stu said…
haha buddies ex = just friends and she has a partner and I was never thinking that way to start with. Girls can be more fun as friends, sometimes better that they just your friend....take THAT from me