Lost a GoPro while SUP surfing; it sank. Went back at low tide to see it had washed up in a tide pool! (Lucky there aren't that many people on the beaches in India) 
This is the clipped/condensed video of what your GoPro sees if it runs away from home for 7ish hours. The battery still had juice when it was found, but my memory card was full, I did obtain over 4 hours of footage from the sea floor. 
I still can't believe I found it!
Turns out she added the ending for effect but it's still a cool video, warning you will have to listen to a Mumford and Sons song as you watch it.

EDIT: They appear to have taken the video down, too much grief from the comments section I guess, you can follow them on their blog though, it's right here  I'm gonna leave it up for a bit, who knows when they might upload it again

Edit 2: It's back up, just this time on YouTube
The VIRAL video, removed from Vimeo due to violating their guidelines which state, "no TV shows, movie trailers, or stuff you found on the web." NEWS FLASH! I made this video myself, April Zilg, a real person, with footage from my lost camera. Sure, I may have enhanced the ending, but I thought it was better that way... So did the thousands of viewers. I do not work for anyone. I do not make any money. I am not corporate, commercial, or corrupted.


Irishman said…
It's gone. :(
stu said…
awwww man, she was coping a lot of heat in the comments section that it wasn't real and that it was just a set up viral advert for go pro. But I'm not sure. Could also be because she used a Mumford and Sons song without permission. Hmmm pity cos it was pretty cool