2012 Beaufort St Festival

Bigger every year, didn't go last year because of work but this year figured I'd go again. They estimate 100,000 peeps. Not sure how they estimate them but I don't for one moment question that amount. It was hell crowded...
Spot yourself and win a prize

First up a taste of Sardine Zippoli, Italian origins I believe and kinda like sardines deep fried in donut batter, I left that selection to everyone else and passed.


had some of this for dinner - delish
It would appear that Macca has a camera mounted on his head in this shot

Icy Poles
simply the best home made icy poles came out of this little van
Head Cam
macca cam
I do like honesty in advertising
Red Bull DJ
all day, big set

Gaz found Wally
I spotted all of these photographs of local street art, printed out and framed along this alley wall. Then I thought, hang on these are my photos, this is my flickr set on street art. This dude has taken every single photo that I had over the past 8 or so years. I have some he doesn't and he has some I don't. I'm calling him my photography doppelganger. Only he thought of showing them like this and I did not...


All up a cool day, only negatives - not enough shade and the wine tasting area sucked, $10 entry for 10 tastings (fair enough) but the majority of tasting glasses had no more that 1cm of wine (10mm) poured into them. Which works out to around $75 a bottle for wine that probably doesn't pull more than $25 on the shelf. Wineries would have been hoping for sales after the tastings, but how can we tell if we like the wine from those sized samples. It just puts us off your brand and we walk away, that's why I bought truffle oil from the friendly dude in the truffle oil stand and not your wines.

wine fail
and that was one of the larger ones


The Desp. said…
Were those street art prints for sale? I saw them in the alley, but wasn't too sure if he was trying to flog them off as well.

We were chilling out at the RTRFM block party for a while. Seemed pretty laid back compared to the hustle and bustle of everywhere else. Good day out!
stu said…
no not for sale (which is a good thing, artist should get a cut if selling) he described it as an art piece in itself
stu said…
you did the right thing with chillin there, crazy town elsewhere

It's Katie from Delish Ice (the popsicle van). Thanks for the pic and write up. :)

Lovely to see you enjoyed your pops. Hopefully see you past the pop van another time.

Say hi if you do

Katie x

stu said…
Hey Katie

your van and product are a fantastic idea, I'll be looking out for you at future gigs for sure

Please make sure you introduce yourself :)
stu said…
Promise :)