Previous partners of mine all had one thing in common, they used to yell at me for making a huge mess in the kitchen when I cooked for a dinner party. Naturally (and possibly why we are no longer together) I didn't agree with them and told them to stop over reacting to a little mess. Now that I have been single for a while and have cooked a fair few dinner parties during that period, I find myself understanding where they were coming from .... fucking hell I make a mess.

Last night's dinner party was no exception, I awoke to a shit storm of a mess. Sauce where sauce shouldn't have been, dirty bowls, plates, chopping boards, sinks, you name it. Basically just a mess. In my defense, being a trained chef I have always had to work fast and fast can mean mess, mess that I usually cleaned as I went. I wasn't sitting down with those who I was cooking for so whilst they ate I cleaned and started the next persons meal. I also had the luxury of kitchen hands, whom I could pass the dirty dishes to or scream out to for a bucket of hot soapy water to wash the floor beneath me and remove anything I had dropped. Sadly none of my ex partners were keen on being my kitchen hand and that's why we're no longer together, a complete lack of cooperation and dedication to my craft on their behalf... yeah that's why ha!

By all accounts last nights food was a success, I of course found fault in it as I always do, I'm never happy with my cooking. That's a good thing I think, it forces you to keep on striving to be better and to do better. That said, I'm pretty sure I could not improve last nights dessert. Italian panettone with French vanilla ice cream and local strawberries marinated in mulberry jelly. Delish!

City lights
Time for dessert