I now have a new favourite bad movie, The Valley of The Kings (1954) Starring Robert Taylor and  Eleanor Parker...

Hard-boiled archeologist Mark Brandon is searching for ancient tombs in Egypt when he is approached by beautiful Ann Mercedes, who convinces him to help her fulfill her deceased father's life's ambition - to provide solid proof of the biblical Joseph's travels in ancient Egypt. As an ex-pupil of Ann's father Mark accepts and the two embark on a search for the tomb of the Pharoah Ra Hotep, said to have had some connection with Joseph. The trail to the tomb is fraught with intrigue, betrayal, murder and the possibility that the tomb itself has been emptied of all its artifacts by ancient looters.

Hard boiled archaeologist? I'm so putting that on the next print run of my business cards.

The acting isn't too over the top for the times but some of the lines are definitely of the times, really letting a woman know her place and all.

Mark Brandon: You know what they say: Egypt is like a man without a woman. 
Ann Barclay Mercedes: Why do they say that? 
Mark Brandon: Hot by day, cold by night.

Ann Barclay Mercedes: Thanks Mark, thanks for cheering me up
Mark Brandon: Just don't make me do it again, I'm a man of very few virtues and patience isn't one of them.

Mark Brandon: So, are you glad we kept on going?
Ann Barclay Mercedes: I'm sorry I ever doubted you Mark, I never will again.

Now for the awesome trailer, pay particular attention at the 2.40 mark where you will see a person die from fast moving sand (Sand - the silent killer)...

A highlight of each scene is waiting to see how immaculately over dressed Ann Mercedes is, what were the costume department thinking seriously? The final scene is also a gem, having discovered what they were looking for they realise just how awesomely rich they now are. Cos you know, back then finders keepers right?