Lately some spam emails have been defying my spam filter and getting through to my inbox. Normally I would up the filter level but these have been giving me a laugh. I'm not sure if it's the sheer crapiness of the email and the thought that they think this will fool someone or if it's the broken English that gives me the biggest chuckle...

Elicia: She likes skin diving.
How is it going, my name is Elicia.The reason why I'm writing it is simple: I am looking for a man to spend my vacation with.Really quickly about myself. I love such things as going to different shows, partying, watching action TV shows, I also really like skin diving!What would you think if I'd say that I love sex?) I really do. You do love sex, don't you?) Maybe we will like each other, right?)It is so exciting for me and I really dunno what to expect from you) Please, write me back as soon as u can)

Mariya: BDSM is the only bad habit she got
Hey darling?)I won’t waste your time for no reason and I’ll pass on to the general question – I’m looking for a man who can satisfy me entirely, you know what I mean, right? I got tired of sissies and men who can’t even take care of themselves. I want to be loved for real!About myself in three words – young, wild and free. I've got no hang-ups and BDSM is the only bad habit I got.Anyway if you like girls like me then you r lucky.Please reply and I’ll write you more about myself. Also we can share some (even erotic) pics.) I am pretty sure that it will turn out to be an interesting experience talking to each other.Don’t make a lady wait for too long!) I'm waiting for u!See you soon!

Lorille: Loves nature and watching GEO wild and isn't going to debate with them
I am interested in finding some interesting, cute boy, have wonderful time with each other, relax for a while, who knows do something great in bedroom or other places all over my apartment!
But, let me tell u something about me first of all. I am sweet-looking graceful brown haired chick with brown eyes and white smile.
I am Lorilee. Friends tell that I am sexual, and you know, I am not going to debate with them. I love nature and watching GEO wild. Like sport!
Check up pictures of mine and just let's start meeting better :)

Marja: She wants to accelerate me
Good evening, master
Do you wanna have a servant which is ready to satisfy all your wishes and dreams? My name is Marja. I am 25, young, beautiful and I like to experiment with sex like BDSM, roleplaying and other. I think that sex is about expressiveness and not only about missionary pose, do you agree with me?
I am searching for a man who is ready to satisfy me fully, u know what I mean, right?) If you ready to break any boundaries and ready to experience the strongest desire and best sex in ur life then do not hesitate and write me back as soon as you can! I am already waiting!
So if you interested in me please contact me via email:
Can't wait to hear from you!

P.S.: To accelerate u I've attached some nice erotic photos of me... 

Amparo: She's not against much.
I'm interested in talking to intelligent, pretty guy, have wonderful time with each other, relax for a while, maybe even create something cool in a bedroom!
But, let me tell you something about me at first. I am sweet-looking elegant redhead chick with brown eyes and white smile.
I'm Amparo. Friends tell that I'm beautiful, and u know, I'm not against. I like nature and watching programs like dedicated to animals. Like doing sport exercises!
Check up my photo shots and let's start chatting better :) 

Looking forward to being the one and getting more sexy time that nobody can deny us, emails from beautiful and sexytime women worldwide of the universe. You know I cannot be lie to you, so do not fight with it and enjoy, me, you can!


Gregoryno6 said…
Did Marja look good in the photos?
Any lady who starts a conversation by calling you Master has got to be worth consideration.
stu said…
That's what I was thinking, photos looked Russian lol