27 February 2013


Sadly I think I and my three friends are the odd ones out, we really didn't enjoy last night's Cat Power gig at the Chevron Festival Gardens. Fresh from an amazing set by Maceo Parker only a few weeks ago, we were pumped for some awesome Cat Power rock and roll action. But she failed to deliver. She seemed disconnected from us, even at one stage thanking us for "coming all this way to see us" Um we live here, it was you who came all this way, not us. For that we were grateful,  Perth is often starved of international acts, we were happy Cat was here. But she wasn't really.

Cat Power

The sound was awful, surely if Maceo could get that right then so could Cats crew. Now before anyone starts having a go at me "Cat's had problems, Cat's been sick etc etc" yeah I know all of that but if you can't give us 100% on the night then don't play. It's possible that was her 100% and I maybe don't "get it" but I really dig Cats music, I just don't dig her stage show or presence. She may have left that back home. 

Cat Power

That said and done we still had a great night, even after we walked out half way through and listened to her from the outside bar. She sounded better from back there. It seems most I have spoken to or heard about enjoyed the show, I really really wish I had.

Cat Power


The Desp. said...

I was here! I thought she started great, but seemed to lose the way towards the end.
It's a shame summer in the cultural centre is coming to an end. No more Urban Orchard/Fringeworld, Festival Gardens closing this weekend. Boooo.

stu said...

Yeah almost everyone else I have spoken too enjoyed it, I just didn't gel with her, still love her music though