13 February 2013


I am away with work at the moment and unfortunately the internet filters at the camp I'm staying at are harsh. They're blocking flickr and my blog. I have access to the blog dashboard so I am able to post this and do other maintenance but I can't see my posts once posted. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. 

Meanwhile here's a couple of pics. The first is a huge iron ore train leaving the mine and heading to Port Hedland, the second is where I'm surveying at the moment, I hope, I can't actually see them due to the filters/blocks. If they are there then I think if you click on them you will get full size and thus full effect, if the pics aren't there then this post is just awkward...

If somebody would be kind enough to comment below on wether the pics are showing or not that would be aces.


BigRedDogNZ said...

Pics showing here - great shots!

stu said...

Excellent, cheers for that. Managed to view them myself on my phone. I will not be defeated :)