I'll admit I had not even heard of Maceo Parker prior to a few months ago. Even then it was only because my buddy Chris suggested we grab some tickets to the gig. Pretty sure he didn't know much about him either. So this gig last night was going to be a completely unknown quantity. We need not have fretted because boy can this dude perform. One of the best live gigs I have ever seen at a Festival of Perth show. He would have blown the roof off of the outdoor venue if it hadda had one. I think the best word to use to describe this gig would be - funkalicious.

venue pano
DJMaceo 01
We so hipsterDennis Rollins and Maceo Parker
Maceo 05Maceo 06
Maceo 02

Dennis Rollins on trombone with Nat King Coles - When I Fall In Love
This is one smooth tune

The final number


The Desp. said…
(this may be a double up - not sure what happened to my first post)

Lucky dude! I wanted to go to this, but couldn't afford to - Laneway Fest tomorrow, flying to Melbourne for ATP festival next week.... I'm broke son!!

The important question is though - how much are beers? Fringe Fest selling Little Creatures for $8, PIAF for....?
stu said…
$8 is a bargain, once you're locked inside the venue they add another dollar to make it $9. Not small but not large either.
stu said…
Broke you may be but look at what you have lined up....noice
The Desp. said…
Yeah, that's not too bad. I'm hoping you can still just wander in like last year - listen to the music, but not see anything.

I guess I can't complain - it's some solid rock-piggery. Heading to Tim Rogers & The Bamboos, Nick Cave and possibly Cat Power in the next month. NO WONDER I"M BROKE!!!! haha