I spend a few mornings each week walking laps around my local and amazing park, Hyde Park. For a while now it's been undergoing a transformation with a redesign of the lakes. Amongst all of this turmoil there is still plenty of beauty in the old girl...

Hyde Park
an incredible light filtering through the trees of my fav path, the one that leads directly back to my house
Hyde park
the ducks will be happier once this is all finished
Hyde park
lap after lap after lap after ...
Gnarly Tree
old gnarly tree is old
Hyde park
this lake has almost finished its' transformation
Hidden Man Hole
forgotten manhole, what lies below?


The Desp. said…
Great flicks! Love that park. Actually getting married there later this year! Hopefully all the works are finished.
stu said…
oh wow, congrats on the marriage dude :)