I was in the states a few years back with a couple of mates and we were in a hotel lift (I'm not sure which city - maybe Vegas) and we started talking to a dude who after realising we were from Australia asked us about guns, not sure how we got there so quickly but that was the topic. It went something like this...

Dude "You don't carry guns in Australia?"

Us "We don't even own them"

D "You can't own guns?"

U "Well you can, but most don't and we've banned most of them"

D "You don't even have a shotgun in your house to protect yourself?"

U "Nup"

D "Far :expletive: out"

Now that's not verbatim but close enough. That's the culture there, sadly I think it will take many more Newtowns before anything substantially changes. I give you parts 1 to 3 of the John Oliver series on gun control. It's mind :expletive: blowing