Cleaning out some old folders (manila, yeah the old fashioned ones from the pre home computer days, remember those?) and I found some old school reports. Bit of a shock as I was convinced I was an above average student, seems I was greatly mistaken. Funny how we edit memories isn't it? The comments from the teachers were mostly "Stuart (actually they often wrote Stewart, I mean come on, if your friggen teacher can't get your name right what hope is there? I should have graded THEM!.) needs to concentrate and apply himself more" or "Stuart shows promise in this subject but is easily distracted" and "Stuart shows little interest and is not even trying"

But the one that made me laugh the most was this...

"Stuart's mind and heart are not in this subject. I suggest that he would be a lot more contented* with some kind of employment" : Metalwork teachers comments (Year 10)

Bahahahaha, he was right too, the following year I was out of there and took up an apprenticeship as a chef. I had seen the writing on the wall and it was full of bad punctuation, spelling and grammar.... and it was all mine.

*contented? seriously? clearly this is why you taught metal work.