25 May 2013


So I've bought this step ladder and I'm getting ready to use it when I notice the warning stickers. 

Best read those and be responsible I think to myself. 
I'm pretty cool with most of the safety do's and don'ts on there, cool that is until the WTF moment...

"Do Not Stand On Or Above 2nd Top Step"

Here it is again on the actual 2nd top step, just to be sure that I've read it. What's the big deal I hear you say, that's kind of standard. Sure, I know it is, but this ladder only has THREE friggen steps and apparently I can only use 1 of them. So in effect I have bought a 90cm high step ladder that lifts me 30cm off the actual floor, I can jump that bloody high. What use is this ladder to anyone? 

Surely they're taking the piss?! I can only use one third of this ladder? I actually blame myself, I should have read the warning before I bought it, but still, what is the point of this ladder? Right next to it at the hardware store was one of these...

It cost $6, and is almost 30cm high. I smell step ladder conspiracy.

Looks like I'm gonna be breaking the step ladder code in my house on a few occasions, cos that's how I live my life folks, I hang out on second steps. I'm a risk taker, a mocker of ladder codes, a wild card, unpredictable, windswept and casual...Ladies! 


sarah toa said...

Hilarious. That's really living on the edge. All you need to do now is get pregnant, THEN stand on the first step. Phwoar!

stu said...

Whoa there, that's a whole other level of risk there, I mean PREGNANT?! Sheesh ;)

Gregoryno6 said...

Getting tired of all the warnings that come with everything you buy these days? Me too. So this advice was a welcome change of pace with its light but effective style:
"All products come with manufacturers warranty, please see the product page for warranty details. The warranty begins from the day it leaves our warehouse or the distributor warehouse and normal warranty conditions apply, so don't drop it, kick it, set fire to it or use it as an anchor."

stu said...

Yes!! :)