Hit up the Secrets of the Afterlife exhibit at the W.A Museum yesterday. It was okay, but I think I'm a bit spoilt for Egyptian antiquities after having seen both the Cairo Museum and the Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy. Everything else kind of pales in comparison. But definately go along if you haven't seen much of this sort of thing...

I'm on a boat
Death Mask
Lion head

If you do head over, make sure you go one floor up and check out all of the Mammal Room. Great old school taxidermy on display, some of it less than realistic, well maybe just poor skills involved, with this I direct to the oddly shaped elephant (sorry no pic, you'll have to see for yourself)

Suddenly... Bison!
I would love to know the story behind the acquisition of a Bison for the Perth Museum, how, where and why?
Le Tiger


sarah toa said…
Thanks for the photos, Yel Par, for us regional sort.
I've loved the taxidermy section of museums. Recently the trend is to turf out the stuffed animals and artifacts and bring in 'story boards'. Bah.
At Otago Museum in the third storey sits a lion and lioness.
"Escaped from the circus ... unfortunately they had to be shot."
Imagine those two, creeping through the wilds of the south island.

That bison does the same imagining for me, every time I see it.
Gregoryno6 said…
I have this exhibition on my to-see list, right behind Rev next month. Many moons have passed since I entered into those halls of knowledge so I'll take your advice on the other parts of the museum too.