Over the weekend I was looking through some old photos that belonged to my dad (deceased) and found some negatives that I couldn't match to photos. So naturally I had to get them developed toot sweet. Picked them up today and they are fantastic.

I have had to try and figure out where they were taken and what they were of. Not too hard as there were some obvious clues, like this one...

Premier David Brand

and then there were these...

Serpentine dam
Serpentine dam bridge

Present day Google Map view of this rock and bridge here 

Serpentine Dam

I remember as a little kid my dad telling me he worked at the Metropolitan Water Board (as a carpenter) and that he had helped construct the Serpentine Dam. So that makes sense and also as a kid I remember seeing this ornamental garden with an Aboriginal motif at the dam...

aboriginal motif

So it all made sense until I saw the next two pics...

sack race
photo bomber

But I think I'm safe in thinking this was a family picnic day for the families of the workers who built the dam. Way before my time so I wasn't there but I'm loving the photos, potato sack races for the dads and boat rides on the dam for all. It's a bit exciting that these photos haven't been seen by anyone in at least 40 years, but my favourite bit is the kid photo bombing the last one, that kid was before his time.


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