Mission: Head into the city

Point of arrival: Wilson Car park between Murray and Hay st.

Observation: A sea of piss.

It kind of unfolded like this...

I parked my car on level 4, decided I would use the stairs, lifts are for chumps right? Stupidly as I entered the stairwell I placed my hand on the handrail. Oh dear god what was on that, I didn't hang around to find out, nor did I touch it again. Then it hit me..

The stench of piss, human piss, urine, bodily fluids, disgusting. I couldn't get out of that stairwell quick enough. I wouldn't be returning to my car using that route, this I knew.

What I didn't know was just how expensive it has become to park in the city, usually I walk in but todays storm put paid to that idea. It seems that the privilege of parking my car for half an hour in this multi level urine incubator that is the Wilson Car Park was to cost me $10.00. I raised my eyebrow at the cost, but what could I do?

Seeing as the tunnel of ammonia that is the stairwell was now a no go zone it was time to enter the lift. I tapped the somewhat sticky 4th floor button, the door closed and it hit me again, the now all too common and familiar stench of urine. I grimaced, I glanced down at the floor and there it was, an almost dried up puddle of human piss in the corner of the lift. What the hell is wrong with people? Is there an outbreak of chronic incontinence in Perth this week or something?

But let us also ask what the hell is wrong with Wilson Parking, you sting people $10.00 for 30 minutes of parking and you can't even afford somebody on minimum wage to check the stair wells (2 of them) and the lifts (also 2 of them) regularly and maybe mop up the piss? Maybe run a cloth along the handrails, wipe the floor buttons in the lifts? That sort of thing, basic shit really (no pun intended) 

The fancy new ticket machines that suck up our money and the cutesy smiley face emoticon that says "drive safely" as I leave is all very good and all but perhaps a further message of "well done you survived the biohazard car park, please come again" message should be added. God knows you have enough of our money to afford it.

Ahhh Perth, the vibrancy