1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land

Stumbled across this awesome photo earlier today whilst cruising the web. Did a little investigative research and discovered it was from the above mentioned expedition. Seventeen researchers were involved in the 9 month trip, including 1 archaeologist, sadly he wasn't actually Australian.  
"...they investigated the Indigenous populations and the environment of Arnhem Land. In addition to an ethnographer, archaeologist, photographer, and filmmaker, the expedition included a botanist, a mammalogist, an ichthyologist, an ornithologist, and a team of medical and nutritional scientists."
(Team members below the photo)

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The base camp of an expedition to Arnhem Land, Australia.

  • Charles Pearcy Mountford - leader, ethnographer and film-maker, Honorary Associate Curator in Ethnology, South Australian Museum, Adelaide
  • Frank M Setzler - Deputy Leader and Archaeologist, Head Curator, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution,Washington
  • Herbert G Deignan - Ornithologist, Associate Curator of Birds, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • David H Johnson - Mammalogist, Curator of Mammals, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • Robert R Miller - Icthyologist, Associate Curator of Fishes, Smithsonian Institution, Washington
  • Raymond L Specht - Botanist, Lecturer, Department of Botany, University of Adelaide
  • Frederick D McCarthy - Anthropologist, Department of Anthropology, Australian Museum, Sydney
  • Harrison Howell Walker - Photographer and Staff Writer, National Geographic Society, Washington
  • Bessie I Mountford - Honorary Secretary
  • Brian Billington - Medical Officer, Institute of Anatomy, Canberra
  • Margaret McArthur - Nutritionist, Institute of Anatomy, Canberra
  • Kelvin Hodges - Biochemist, Institute of Anatomy, Canberra
  • William E Harney - Guide and Liaison Officer
  • Peter Bassett-Smith - Cine-Photographer
  • Keith Cordon - Transport Officer
  • John E Bray - Cook and Honorary Entomologist
  • Reginald Hollow - Cook (2 months)