Just back from some quality time with my girl in Ballarat, what a city, despite the temps of 7 degrees feels like 2.4 degrees (how the hell does that even work?). If only Perth could have preserved it's awesome architecture in the same way as Ballarat, wow what a city we'd have over here.

Highlight of the flight there: Flight attendant assuming my surname contained the word rape. don't ask.

Highlight of the flight home: QANTAS pilot announcing we were on a southerly approach to Jandakot airport (West Aussies will know that Jandakot is the tiny airport south of Perth where all the widdle planes wand). Thankfully our Airbus Industrie A330-200 landed at Perth airport as per our agreed upon plan devised between QANTAS and myself when I booked the flight.

Anyhoo, here are all the pretty pics of Ballarat and surrounds...

The buildings and the towers, my god the towers.
Downtown Ballarat.
Downtown Ballarat
Mining Exchange
It is what it says it is, or was
The towers
So many towers and spires and turrets and things up high. 
Then a visit to the Botanical Gardens for some statue action
Flight from Pompeii
Flight from Pompeii
William the Wallace
The Scottish section
A day trip to nearby Daylesford, a great spot.
Breakfast & Beer
Breakfast and Beer together finally, as they should always have been
The aforementioned beer
Art Gallery of Ballarat
Ajax and Cassandra
Ajax and Cassandra - The Rape of Cassandra
"Emerging Artist"
"Emerging Artist" by Duncan Lannan. His 'Young, Dumb and Full of Ambition' exhibition
You should visit Ballarat, it is very good yes.


Gregoryno6 said…
Even though one side of the family came from Bacchus Marsh I can't recall more than a dozen visits to Ballarat in my entire life. And one of them would have been just driving through on my way to Perth back in 1990.
Truly the architecture is something to behold. Oh, well, we managed to keep the Old Melbourne and Newspaper House...
stu said…
ha true and the odd train station