Lucky enough to visit an old historic homestead in Bellevue down by the hills today. Hopefully I'll be doing some archaeology on the property in the coming weeks. This building, called Belle View, was built in 1868 and we'll be looking for any remains of a cottage that was built there in 1840. It should be close by, hopefully some ground penetrating radar will solve that mystery for us. Right that's enough geeky tech talk, LOOK a picture...

Belle View
Belle View homestead, long abandoned but to be preserved
Cow time
Cows, in case you were wondering
Interesting titbit, I found out whilst I was there today that the suburb of Bellevue, which is where this property is located, was named after this homestead. Only when the railway came through they misspelled Belle View as Bellevue. Apparently they had a long history of stuffing up place names which then stuck. See, now you can say you learnt something new too.