Attended a rally in Angove St this afternoon to fight the proposed merger of the City of Vincent into the City of Stirling. Great turnout of around 1200 residents, lost of politicians, mayors and councilors. Hopefully we can win this fight.

The crowd was small to start with 
Rally Pano
but it grew very quickly
Rally Pano 2
The Mayor did some press
Councilor Carey
Councilor Carey spoke with passion
News Chopper
Channel 7 News sent in the chopper
Creepy's piece watched silently from behind the crowds
said piece
Drum n Tuba, you know you want it.
The band played a little Drum n Tuba 
Excuse me, you have something on your shoulder.
the bird attended
and there was a clear message to the premier from someone with a plan
aptly placed on a bin I thought

Buswell v Barnett

One In - All In

Councilor John Carey 

Mayor Alannah MacTiernan


sarah toa said…
'Creepy's' is the bestest photo I've seen in a while. Great shot.