Wandered into Fremantle at lunch today and suddenly this...

How cool was the baton dude near the end? Also this...

I still have no idea why this dude is wearing a Walrus helmet but what the hell, why not eh?
Scuba drummer
and scuba drummer guy

and all the others...

Notice that guys head on the right?
Pile on
Yeah well he was playing stacks on with a drum and another dude
Band 01
Band 06a
Band 07a
like a boss
Photo Bomb
This is me photographing this guy whilst he photographed me photobombing the other guy
Turns out they're all Naval cadets from the Indonesian Training ship, the Dewaruci. It's a very cool sailing ship that apparently lost a mast heading down here to Perth a few days ago. It all made for a very cool lunch break.