When I was at primary school and we were out on the school grounds playing cricket at lunch time, we'd often get visited by a couple of Mormon missionaries on their "racing bikes". We thought they were pretty uncool, firstly because of the way they dressed, but mostly because of their bikes. Only dads road "racing bikes", we had and road only chopped up custom jobs, big wheel at the front, low wheel in the rear or vice versa. Banana seats, chopper handle bars and ironically named sissy bars. These guys were dorksville in our eyes.

So back to the cricket, they'd listen to our jibes about their bikes and their white shirts and ties and they always took it with a smile. Often they'd ask us about the cricket and challenge us to "hit it out of the park" which confused us... "You mean oval right?" So one day one of the kids challenged the young Mormon guy to show us how good he could hit it. He accepted, took the cricket bat, slung it over his shoulder baseball style, stepped up to the crease and smacked that ball right out of the "park" Kids went crazy! Respect earned.

This video reminded me of all the above...