Prince Lane in the city has had a makeover... yeah sadly I'm gonna call it a makeunder. Six local artists were brought in to decorate it with designs inspired by neighbouring King St. Why inspired by a completely other lane I'm not really sure, lack of imagination on behalf of the council? Who knows. As to the final product, well you can be the judge of that and just how much the new artwork is going to "attract more investment in the area", well time will be the judge of that.

Prince Lane 4
Prince Lane
Prince Lane 2
Prince Lane 1a
This wall was pretty cool
Prince Lane 7
as was this one but there's one of those King St rag trade references... why?
Prince Lane 3
at least they kept Stormies awesome piece, they gave him a naff metal crown, small price to pay for him to remain
Prince Lane 6
Sadly this is the only wall of actual streetart left in the lane (Stormie excepted) and this was in a side car park
maybe with time the street artists can slowly engulf the lane and give it some life once again.