Caught the film Gravity last night. I had been fairly reluctant to see this, mostly because I didn't quite think I could see either Sandra Bullock or George Clooney as astronauts and that the story looked a little... weak.

Wow, was I wrong

That doesn't mean there aren't things that are silly in the film and you can pick some holes in it, a fair few holes in fact, but this was a really good film. Not the best I have ever seen but it did all that you want a film to do. It took you on a ride.

So just quickly, a few good things and a few bad things (No spoilers I promise)

The good:

  • A visual feast, space looks magnificent.
  • The story, not exactly bullet proof but it has you firmly gripped from the start.
  • George Clooney, he actually channels Buzz Lightyear for this role and in a good way.
  • 3D, definitely a must for a film like this.
The not so good:
  • Right at the start of the film they state that in space there is no sound, yet there's a whole lot of sound in space during this film (I guess you have to have that though right?)
  • One of the early dramatic scenes contains a burst of music for effect that belongs in a horror film. It wasn't needed here and felt very odd (You'll know what I mean when you see it)
  • Some of Sandra Bullocks lines... gladly they didn't push it beyond an acceptable limit, but really?
  • Some of Sandra Bullock's acting, still not overly convinced she was right for this role (Miss Space Congeniality 2013?).
  • The story, not exactly bullet proof and sometimes you wince.
  • Science bitches... this get's stretched quite a bit, but it is a film and that's what happens in films.
All up, I'd recommend you see this on the widest screen possible and in 3D. Hope for a small audience, there are some scenes that would benefit from complete silence and not the sound of wrappers and popcorn and drinks being sipped. I mean this is space and there is no sound in space right?