THE HOOD # 245

Feck n Yok

Feck Yok1
Fek Yok 2

I've snapped this piece before but through a wire fence and never front on. Drove past on the weekend and noticed a laneway running down the side of the vacant lot this stands in. Figured I'd try from there. As I walked up to the start of the lane I heard a voice above me. Not quite sure what was said I look up and see an elderly Indian dude on the balcony above.

Me "I'm sorry what?"

Indian Dude "If you want to get in you can"

M "Oh really how's that?"

ID "You just head down the lane and you'll find some fence sections missing, you can get in there."

M "oh cool thanks heaps"

And I was in, pretty cool of him I thought, probably would have found the entry on my own but still pretty cool of him to offer the info up instead of yelling at me for walking down what is essentially a private lane. Grabbed the shot and a few others (future post) and thanked him on the way out. He seemed pretty chuffed that I'd gotten my shot