... these days I get to leave my office and head out to do some actual hands on archaeology. I've just returned from 2 weeks in the Chichester Range, Pilbara. We excavated three rock shelters, got filthy, had some fun and found a heap of cool stuff. Hopefully we can get some interesting dates from the charcoal we recovered. I do miss this patch of earth, it was good to be back among the heat and bush. Hopefully back again in December to re-excavate the rock shelter that gave us a 42,000 yrs bp date last year. Okay, enough boring archaeology speak, time for some pics... 

Cave pano
Some of the caves we excavated
Heading Out
The crew deal with 6am starts in different ways, note the body language
Setting Up
Setting up the canopies as the sun rises above the hill
The Office
Dry, hot, sometimes dusty but I wouldn't be anywhere else
and of course the lunch tree was most awesome
all this sieving makes for the sometimes dusty moments
yeah so I had one glove on and one glove off
Kangaroo Snake Skin
Some of the visitors we had each day - Kangaroo and a Snake (well the snake's skin at least)

Oh and these huge mosquito type bugs who just sat waiting, watching... planning
Can't wait to get back there