I'm a pretty big fan of online shopping. More variety, better service and you don't have to bother with finding a car park space. So I figured that seeing as I come across a fair few things I should share some of them with you. I know, what a nice thing to do right, it's just how I roll. Maybe it'll help you with your gift buying this Christmas. Or at least you'll see what I like and work out what you should buy me - see what I'm doing here? Wink*.

Riedel Decanter Cleaner Beads - perfect for cleaning out that decanter after christmas lunch. I mean those suckers can be hellish to clean, amiright? - $19.95 from Devlins

American Optical Flight Gear Original Pilot Sunglasses - same as those worn by the Apollo 11 crew (that's the one that landed on the moon - and yep they still make them) - $38.87 over at Amazon

Okay, whilst we're talking all things space, how about the original astronaut pen that writes upside down. Still manufactured by the original maker - The Fisher Space Pen $15.22 also from Amazon

Like a bit of photography do ya? Then these will help you out, esp if you like to phone cam. There's cheaper versions out there but these look to be a better quality than most. - $49.00 for the basic kit or $20.00 a lens special on at the moment over at Photojojo.

I thought this was pretty cool and would look awesome when used with a plain paper wrapping - London Skyline Decorative Sticky Tape, $30.00 from Fancy.

Um, seriously, does it get any cooler than this? - Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray $12.99 from Think Geek who are throwing in free international shipping at the mo. While you're there have a look around, it's an awesome website.

Possibly one of the coolest items I've found in a while. They have a water-activated seed capsule in the tip and the pencil tip also acts as a useful labelled plant marker - £19.99 via Firebox. Be warned, once you enter Firebox you may never leave, holy crap they have some stuff.

Consider the Tea Towel. Excellent stocking filler and some cool designs over at Design My World for £8.50. Check out the drop down menus for heaps of other funky gear.

Rightio that just about does it for this time round, if I collect a bunch more I'll post again. Happy shopping.

*it's cool, I've already bought most of these for myself


Tiff said…
How subtle of you! :) For Kris Kringle this year I got one of these for the lucky guy who picks it. http://www.quirkycookery.com/2012/11/lucha-libre-bottle-openers.html
And I'm not looking forward to picking my gift being the only gal in the office. I'm thinking something with a USB at the end if it? Lol.
stu said…
haha that opener is awesome.

Surely boys in a design studio would have better ideas than a USB... unless it's a sushi USB!!


I actually do already own most of the above so it wouldn't be a good starting point for anyone buying me a gift... now that bottle opener is another story ;)
erin said…
I need every single one of these things in my life, right now, just because. That tape! The pencils! (Good gift ideas, too, for the friends I won't see this Christmas!)
stu said…
DO IT!!!