THE HOOD # 252

Good enough / Looks legit

Looks Legit

This fairly awful mural has been on this wall along Railway Rd, Subiaco (near Daglish Station) for a heap of years now. A few years back a car hit the corner of the building, they bricked up the damage but never repaired the mural. That all changed last week. Heston, I love ya style man.


The Desp. said…
haha. I saw that yesterday!

That was originally done by Stormie, wasn't it?
stu said…
Really? Doesn't look like his style. Was pretty awful before Heston got to it lol
The Desp. said…
Was done way back in 2000 - I used to live around the corner and the painting had something to do with the store that was there. I'm positive it's Stormie - I'm prepared to be wrong though. haha
stu said…
If it was he prob wouldn't claim it these days lol