Brad is a pigeon, he lives in New York. We met on top of the Empire State Building one chilly morning in January. Brad was looking for some breakfast, I didn't have anything on me that Brad could eat so we just hung for a bit. Brad pointed out some of the landmarks visible from up there. Brad told me the story about how he lost one of his toes, it's not a nice story so I wont repeat it here. But needless to say life is pretty tough for a pigeon on disability benefits.

Pretty soon I had to be on my way so we said our goodbyes. If you find yourself up on the Empire State Building, look Brad up. Maybe bring him a croissant or a donut, or if you're a local a cronut. He's not a fussy eater and he could use the help. Ask him to point out the things worth seeing and tell him Stu said hello.

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