Well the Galaxy to be exact, the Galaxy drive-in movie theatre. I hadn't been to the drive in for around 20 years. It was always what we did as kids with our parents. Back then of course there were 61 drive in theatres across the state, now there are only 10 (soon to be 9 as Busselton is closing I believe). Perth only has the one, the Galaxy.

The place was packed but we managed a pretty good spot


Not much chance we were going to eat any of the greasy cafe food on offer so I prepared a bit of dinner suitable for a warm summer evening. Baguettes filled with roasted chicken, roma tomato, avocado and rocket. Some Duck liver pate and a nice soft brie, finished off with a patriotic* lamington for afters. Taking drive-in theatre cuisine up a notch or two right there.


Time for the movie


*I guess the bakery was feeling all Oz day yesterday.


The Desp. said…
Man, I am TOTALLY hanging out for a lamington.
stu said…
It was a good lamington (From Fresh Prov)