I have some awesome friends. Two of them, Unfunk and Beth have sent me the most awesome of cookbooks. Margaret Fulton's Book of Quick Meals. First published in 1980, it is full of recipes that are clearly hangovers from the groovy seventies. In the Introduction Margaret states that these recipes should take no more than 45 minutes. That's saying something,  seeing as it would take Jamie Oliver another 30 years to get that down to just 30 minutes. Margaret Fulton is... no hang on, Nigella Lawson is the Margaret Fulton of the 2000's. Know this.

Now feast your eyes on this sample of magnificence...

Quick Meals


Initially you are drawn to the creaminess of the mushroom toast, but then you read further... tomatoes stuffed with Cod roe. Now you're talking.


Never mind the eggs with Lumpfish caviar, what we have here is rockmelon and anchovies, together at last!


Frankfurters and kidney beans... now that's what we call a real man meal. Of course without the crusty French bread it's nothing.


I mention this page purely for the simplicity that is a recipe for lamb cutlets on a bed of boiled rice (rice not included in list of ingredients, I mean you're not blind are you? You can see the rice so why do we have to list it?!)


I'm just gonna go call this the gag page, it's a personal thing.

Caper Mayo

Looked in the fridge, all you can find is some fish fillets, mayonnaise and capers? Well just crack a bottle of white burgundy and pluck a lemon from the tree cos we've got this one covered.

This is just a small sample of the delights to be found in this book, stay tuned and I'll post some more soon. Cheers guys, best gift ever.