Spotted this pic from the 1940's on twitter earlier tonight and the street sign got me thinking. W 40th st and 6th, my girl and I stayed on that street in January this year. Two blocks west, between 7th and 8th. I remember the corner in the picture really well because Bryant park is diagonally opposite and we spotted some cool art on a wall in a building that is now pretty much behind where the photographer is standing as he took this pic. So we paid a visit to google maps and this is the result...

It's a little hard to get the exact same spot on google maps but this is pretty good

The things to note are :
  • Firstly the old street light (left in top pic and right in bottom one) it's the same pole still today. 
  • Then look further down the street in the top pic and you see the two buildings middle frame, one white building in the front and a red brick with a white top few floors at the rear. That's them directly above the front white truck in the bottom pic, left side of street way down there. 
  • Thirdly check the two buildings either side of the corner on the very left of the top pic. They're both still there in the bottom pic just above the rear white semi truck.
  • Sadly Tip Top Lunches is no more.
Coincidentally I took a photo of an abandoned salami roll (as you do) on that corner in almost the exact spot the original photographer was standing.


and here's a pic of the art we spotted on that corner (as mentioned above)

Abandoned Gym
This is probably hell boring to anyone reading this but it's stupidly cool to me because... New York and I was there.

Sidenote, headline on newspaper that guy is holding says "Nazi Army Only 70 Miles From Paris"