I don't go to many protests, in fact I think i've only been to two. The first being an anti gulf war protest in 1990 and the second being today's anti shark culling protest at Cottesloe Beach. I choose my protests carefully I guess. I wont go into the politics of today's event, I'm sure most are aware of what's going on. I'll just post a few pics and a video that shows just how much this issue is affecting people. 

6000 people turned out and I figure I know at least 20+ people who are also against this shark cull so I'm guessing most of the 6000 know at least that many too. So you can do the maths, this is not a popular government decision..

Protest Before
I arrived at 8.30 am and watched the beach fill up
Protest After
By 10 am a huge crowd had gathered
Cottesloe Protest
I started off on one of the grass terraces near the carpark
Cottesloe Protest
Then Waz joined me and we wandered down to the beach, looking back to where I was originally standing