I have a confession to make, I am unashamedly a massive U2 fan. Since a friend introduced me to their Boy album in the summer of 1980 (He DJ'd on the then university radio station RTRFM and was playing the album before anyone had even really heard of them here) I have been a fan. I connected with their music as only an 18 year old can connect with music. Full of anger, angst and admiration. I'll admit that I no longer rush to get their latest offering, but get it I do. Including this new song, check out this quite amazing clip, full screen it and crank it...

Actually up until about 10 years ago I think I pretty well matched Bono's haircuts as they happened. From 80's mullet to 90's ponytail through to late 90's early 2000 shaved number 1. But that's for another pictorial story... one day... maybe... not.