THE HOOD # 262

The past week has been an awesome street art experience. Form WA hosted PUBLIC ...  
“PUBLIC is a celebration of urban art and creativity that will bring to Perth and the Pilbara urban, visual, and digital artists from around the world. Walls and laneways will be transformed with street art, projections, installations, and public events"
Parts of the inner city were swarming with some of the best street artists from Australia and the rest of the world. So get prepared for a shit load of PUBLIC posts over the next few months. Better still, if you're in Perth, get out and seek them out yourself. Your mind will be blown.

First up a local fav, Stormie Mills. I wasn't able to get down and watch him paint this piece but I instead got there a day after. As it and a heap of others (posting soon) are in a car park in Murray St, I couldn't get a shot without cars in front...

Car Park

So I dropped in again on Good Friday when the city was pretty much a ghost town. Was fortunate enough to bump into Stormie Mills himself who was snapping a few shots sans cars too. He was cool enough to offer me the use of his ladder to snap a few shots ...

Stormie Mills
Stormie Mills photographing a piece by Stormie Mills
Floater left
Floater right

Stormie mentioned that he, ROA, 2051 and Jaz would be putting up a few final pieces in Wolf Lane later that day and that we should swing past...

stormie wolfe lane
Fresh beginnings in Wolf Lane
At work
Fresh piece
I haven't been back to snap the final shot, so I'm borrowing Stormies own pic here