Some of you may recall the "driving to work with a bowl of cereal in your lap moment" from a few months back. The one that superceded the driving at 100km/h while reading a novel moment from a year before that. Well tonight even that was taken up a notch, to the level of "Actual WTF"

I'm leaving Perth airport and I drive out onto Great Eastern Hwy, stop at the red light and glance to the right, I seriously did the old double take thing because... well see for yourself...

Yep, this woman is actually face timing someone as she drives along a highway in peak hour traffic (note peak hour is actually irrelevant as driving and face timing is the issue really but I state it because it was peak). She turned the corner alongside me, continuing to talk and even look directly at the person on the phone. As we entered Tonkin Hwy and hit the 100km/h speed limit, I looked in my rear mirror and she was hundreds of metres behind me, clearly doing about 50 or 60 km/h and holding up traffic. In her defence, it's hard to drive at 100km/h safely when you're face timing. Holy fuck, seriously, hell IS other people.