McNess Royal Arcade

Pretty certain most people don't even know this arcade ever existed. You can put that down to it having been boarded up and its two entrances converted into shop fronts many years ago. But it's still there, behind those shops. It was built in 1897 on the corner of Barrack and Hay St. I really hope they return it to us one day.

upstairs looking down through a hole in the false ceiling

above the original Hay St entrance
downstairs looking up through the false ceiling
as it appears today


I remember this one but you had me confused with your directions. It's not William it's Barrack St. Keep the posts and music coming.
stu said…
Ahhh thanks heaps Mike, you're absolutely right. Second time this month i've mixed up those streets. Not sure why :) Fixed now.
Steve said…
You're right - I didn't know this existed! I wonder if there's any way to get back there through the current shops, or if going through the ceiling would be the only way. Such a shame.
stu said…
Yeah I dunno, I wonder if the current street shops have access from the back of their units, like to put rubbish out etc.