This post is also going to be a then and now kind of thing

The Ocean Beach Hotel in Cottesloe

then - photo courtesy the Museum of Perth
Pretty sure none of the original building stands behind that hideous façade, maybe some of it still remains out the back, but I'll let you decide which one you prefer.


Gregoryno6 said…
There really is no comparison. The modern version has the personality of a lobotomised tapeworm.
What happened to adornments as a part of architecture? Why does everything have to be so baldly functional these days?
The openness of the original is so appealing too. Long verandahs for walking and enjoying the view - what better for a beachside establishment?
stu said…
You pretty much nailed it right there
erin said…
How depressing. That place is awful at best, and I'm not just talking about the building itself. What a shame that our local and state authorities didn't give a crap about preserving Perth's culture and heritage for so long.
stu said…
Massively depressing and I know people say you can't keep every old building but having spent a lot of time in Ballarat this past year I say... yeah you pretty much can