THE HOOD # 269

Beastman and Vans The Omega

A collaborative wall in the Murray St car park. Again I was lucky enough to catch the guys working on it, so the first set of pics are from that day followed by some follow up shots of the final piece I snapped a week later...

Beastman at work
Collab 2
Vans the Omega
Vans The Omega and his cans

Collab Wall complete
Beastman and Vans The Omega


Gregoryno6 said…
Have you seen the cow in the Inglewood shopping strip? Anne Brook was the artist's name, I think.
Opposite the library, near the pedestrian crossing.
stu said…
No, haven't been down that way for a while, I will now though, cheers for the heads up
Raquel said…
Love this one - will definitely pay it a visit, have been talking about street art with my students (primary) might have to take them on an excursion!!
stu said…
Great idea, the Murray St Car park, Wolf Lane and Grand Lane are my tips for an excursion ;)