Perth City Baths

Possibly my fav lost Perth buildings/structures. The old Perth Baths. Once at the end of the Barrack St Jetty, imagine how awesome it would look now at the tip of the new Elizabeth Quay.

Perth City Baths was a public swimming facility, located on the north shore of Perth Water on the Swan River, in Perth, Western Australia. During his 1881 sojourn in Perth, exhibition impresario, Jules Joubert, had recommended that the City consider a public bath. The baths were opened in 1885, with segregated bathing. The ornate Moorish style building was opened on 5 March 1898 by the Mayor of Perth, Alexander Forrest and was leased to the Perth City Council. Costing £2600 with government support, the mostly jarrah building had four towers capped by cupolas and was designed by G.R. Johnson and built by C. Nelson. 

The baths were approached from The Esplanade on a 300 feet (91 m) long jetty.

Crawley Baths
A second set of baths opened at Crawley in February 1914 and were the premier baths for the City. 
Crawley Baths 1920 -1929
Crawley Baths, 1918

Swimming Carnival at Crawley Baths, Swan River, 1950's
Early debate about locating the baths here had included discussion of the possibility of being able to see into the baths change rooms from Kings Park. Opposition as depicted in this cartoon which I don't completely understand...

The Perth baths were partially demolished in 1917, and completely removed by 1920. Unsure when the Crawley baths ended. I also recall hearing there were baths at Como Jetty (pretty sure I did swimming lessons as a kid at what remains of that jetty) and hot springs at the base of Kings Park, which apparently attracted nude swimmers in the evening. Ah the racy early 1900's.