That said, to truly have a good time at one of these you need to invest more money and do the extra bits. Simply wandering around trying to obtain 10 ml samples of wine and 10 g samples of cheese will do your head in...

Master Class

We hit up the Perth - Good Food and Wine Show yesterday. The above statement sums up my assessment of the day, however we all really dug going along to one of the Master Classes. Well worth the extra $55.00

The class we were able to get tickets to was for local chef Matt Stone. Matt is currently the Executive chef at Silo in Melbourne and Greenhouse in Perth.

Matt Stone

The food Matt put up was exceptional

Carrots cooked in Whey, Wattle seed labne, salt bush
Kangaroo, Australian native fruits, herbs, spices & greens
Brown rice pudding
Brown rice pudding, quandong, macadamia nuts

SamplesWaz and Mark


The Desp. said…
Wow - looks delish! Tasty? I like that he was using Australian ingredients. I haven't been to the Greenhouse for ages - is he using them on the menu there too, or was it just for the demo?
stu said…
It was delish :)

Not sure what is on the menu at Greenhouse as I also haven't been for a while. Time to investigate I think