Some awesome pics of St Georges Terrace as it once was...

The early years
Stotts & Bank of Adelaide buildings, cnr Howard St. c1926
The intersection of Barrack St and St Georges Tce, looking up towards the Town Hall 
looking east down the terrace, c1930's
Looking west from William St, 1952
Eastern End of St George's Terrace 1955.
The buildings either side of London Court, 1955.
London Court (right)
Moirs Chambers, cnr Barrack and St Georges Tce, 1946.
Note the underground toilets (bottom left) and the CML building (top right)
 Alexander Forrest statue, cnr Barrack and St Georges Tce and the Treasury Building (rear left)

The Barracks which once stood at the western end of the Terrace, now just the forlorn arch remains


Gregoryno6 said…
With all the building that's happening in the cbd right now, the government and city council might just consider roofing over the freeway between Parliament House and Elder Street. That gash through the earth there is just plain ugly - cover it and plant some grass, please!
stu said…
Agreed. Although you weren't the first to think of this. Imagine if they'd actually gone through with this design. I'd prefer it

Gregoryno6 said…
Why didn't they back then? And why don't they now? That is a piece of architecture we could be proud of.
stu said…
Because ... Perth :(