Everybody dies right? 

When I awoke to this news I was truly gutted. Heaps of celebrities die and you think to yourself, that's sad, sad for their families, sad for their friends and fans and sometimes sad for you right? Because maybe you liked them, maybe they'd connected with you at one time, maybe they'd made you laugh or cry This guy made me cry with laughter. Many many many times. 

The only comedian for whom I would stop what I was doing, sit down and watch. You just knew the next few minutes were gonna be crazy, a controlled out of control crazy. You were gonna laugh so hard, smile so hard. I think when someone makes you that happy, so often, you feel very connected to them. Even though you've never actually met, you just feel in some way that you kind of have. 

The sadness of a clown. It's so true, sadly, so often

"Do you think God gets stoned? I think so… look at the platypus."